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Lawrence Coons’, President and Founder of William·Lawrence & Associates,
career started with fifteen years in a small business human resource consulting
firm, assisting in the establishment of HR functions and selection testing while
completing an M.S. in Psychology. In early 1982, he began William·Lawrence
& Associates and completed the development of the Personametrics Assessment with co-developers Dr. Arthur Sweney and Dr. Ann Sweney.  For over three decades, Larry Coons and WL&A have worked directly with Partners, Owners, Senior Managers and Human Resource Professionals all over the US -
assisting them in making well-informed hiring decisions and providing Managers a means of pinpointing new hire and incumbent strengths, as well as areas for

While serving a wide range of clients in Public Accounting, Commercial Insurance, Banking, Retail, Franchise Management, Manufacturing and General/ Mechanical Construction, Mr. Coons also provides web-based coaching with the PERSONAMETRICS Profile to generate a high-level of organizational self-awareness. “It’s a great deal easier to change if you know how people see you and why they have a particular experience”. This same approach has proven to be very effective with Teams learning how they impact the organization.

"We set out to create a scientifically constructed, non-clinical and non-personality
system that would provide Managers a comprehensive view of their own and
their subordinate’s organizational behavior."

This “mirror”; offers an unmatched level of knowledge about how a manager’s superiors, peers, subordinates and customers view / experience his / her behavior – as a subordinate, manager or business development specialist.

If you intend to change, you must begin with an awareness of current
behavior and its impact.



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